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Title: PDF AutoScan Tool - OneTouch 3 with PaperPort 10 & 11
Article ID: VIS1033
Updated: 8/15/2006
Operating Systems: Windows XP / 2000
Scanner Models: XP200, XP100, 9320
For Windows 2000 and XP with PaperPort 10 and 11 with the OneTouch 3.0 drivers for the XP200, XP100, XP450, 9750, 9320, 9220, 9120, 9020, 7400, 7300, 7100, 8650, 8600, 2400, 4800, DocuMate 250, 520 Scanners.
This is an unofficial unsupported workaround that will allow scanning directly to PDF from the OneTouch buttons or from the Paper Detected event. If this is to be implemented on a workstation with multiple profiles, the PaperPort links may need to be created for each profile (Begin at step 2).
If you are unsure as to whether or not you have the OneTouch 3.0 or OneTouch 4.0 driver installed on your computer, click here then click on "Run" to run a utility which will tell you the driver version you have installed. These instructions do not apply to OneTouch 4 scanner drivers as the OneTouch 4 software already has the ability to scan directly to PDF. You can check the driver download page for your product to see if a driver update is available.
  1. Download and Run the self extractor OneTouch_Tool_PP10.
    This will load the necessary files for the workaround.
    Click "Run" when asked. You will see a few windows flash on the screen (this just means that it is now running in the background).

  2. Launch PaperPort
    1. From the File menu bar select "Tools" then click "New Program Link" from the dropdown menu.
    2. Select "Image program accepts image files" then click "Next"

    3. Type "C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\onetouch.bat" then click "Next"

    4. Name the link "OneTouch to PDF" then click "Next"

    5. Select "PDF image" as the file type then click "Next"

    6. Select "Let program manage the temporary file" then click "Next"

    7. Click "Next" at the "Image Resolution" option

    8. Select "An icon provided by PaperPort" then click "Next"

    9. Choose an icon then click "Next"

    10. Click "Finish"

    11. Click "OK"

  3. Close PaperPort and then reopen PaperPort
    1. From the File menu bar select "Tools" then click "Refresh Send To Bar"
    2. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the program link's icon to appear at the bottom

    3. Close PaperPort

  4. Click "Start" then select "All Programs" then "ScanSoft PaperPort" then "OneTouch Configure"
    1. Select "PaperPort Desktop" as the destination then click "Options"

    2. Click "Yes"

    3. Select the destination "Onetouch to PDF".
      If the new destination is not listed, click the "Preferences" tab. Select "Show all Destinations" and hit "OK". The new destination should now be in the list.

    4. The default color configuration for a new program link has low quality. The next steps fix this:
      1. Under "Select Configuration" click "New"

      2. The "New Scan Configuration" window will open

      3. For the first configuration, select "Black/White at 300 DPI". For other configuration settings, consult the installation guide bundled with your scanner.

      4. Choose a name that indicates either the usage (Document scan, Photograph scan) or the setting (Color Autocrop 300 dpi, Black and White select 150 dpi).

    5. Select the new Configuration.
      Make sure that the far left option for "Format and Page(s)" is selected then select "OK"

    6. The OneTouch to PDF workaround is now set up. When using OneTouch or the AutoScan features of your scanner, this setup will no longer use the PaperPort/OneTouch naming schemas for your files. The naming schema that this workaround uses is date (in DD-MM-YYYY format) and then time (in HHMM format, with support for both military time and standard). There will also be a number appended to the filename (starting at Scan0 and going to Scan99). The files scanned will appear in your last used PaperPort folder.
Troubleshooting the OneTouch 3.0 to PDF workaround:

After following the above Implementation Guide and you can't scan, please go through the following steps:
  • Verify that you have all the necessary software:
    • Operating System - Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, or Windows XP Professional
    • PaperPort - Version 10 Standard or Pro Office, Version 11 Standard or Pro Office

  • Verify that the link exists in PaperPort. Test the link in PaperPort by selecting a file from the desktop and clicking the link. A copy of the file should appear on your PaperPort desktop in the current folder. If it doesn't, look in your "My PaperPort Documents" folder. If the copy is in your "My PaperPort Documents" folder, re-download and run the OneTouch_Tool_PP10.

  • Verify that the scanner will function normally. In the OneTouch configure tool, select "PaperPort Desktop" as the destination. Verify that you can scan to PaperPort using the OneTouch button. If you are unsure what these terms mean, please consult your scanner manual.

  • If the scanned images are very poor quality when scanning to PDF but are fine when doing a default scan to the PaperPort Desktop, verify the resolution that you're scanning at (300 dpi is ideal).


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