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Title: Error Uninstalling PaperPort 8 from Windows Vista
Article ID: VIS1078
Updated: 3/13/2007
Operating Systems: Windows Vista
Scanner Models: Visioneer Flatbed: 9320, 9220, 9120, 9020, 7300
  Visioneer Strobe: XP100
  Visioneer ADF: 9650i, 9450
You receive a message "The wizard was interupted before PaperPort 8.0 could be completely installed", "Fatal error during installation", or other errors when trying to uninstall PaperPort 8 from a computer running Windows Vista.
Note: PaperPort 8 is not supported nor designed for Windows Vista.
For information about Vista support for the bundled software that came with your scanner, please see VIS1384 - Check Bundled Software for Vista Compatibility.
Step 1 - End any running PaperPort processes
  1. While holding down the "Ctrl" and "Shift" buttons on your keyboard, press the "Esc" key
  2. In the 'Windows Task Manager' window, click on the "Processes" tab
  3. Click on "Image Name" (located at the top of the list of processes) to put the processes in alphabetic order
  4. If any of the following processes are listed, click on the process to highlight it then click "End Process"

    • pptd40nt.exe
    • pplinks.exe
    • paprport.exe
    • ssindexer.exe
    • ppscanmg.exe
    • ppwebcap.exe

  5. Once you have ended all of the above processes, close Task Manager by clicking on "File" then "Exit Task Manager"
Step 2 - Download and run the PaperPort 8 remover utility
  1. Click here to download PP8_Remover.exe
  2. Click "Save" when prompted
  3. In the 'Save As' window, click on "Browse Folders"
  4. Under the 'Favorites' column, click on "Desktop"
  5. Click on the "Save" button to download PP8_Remover.exe
  6. Once PP8_Remover.exe has downloaded, click "Close" in the 'Download complete' window
  7. Minimize or close any open windows so you can see your Windows Desktop and find PP8_Remover.exe
  8. Right-Click on PP8_Remover.exe and select "Run as administrator"
  9. If prompted, click "Allow"
  10. A window will open and the utility will automatically remove PaperPort 8 from your system
    • Note: Please DO NOT close this window. It will close on its own once the removal has completed
  11. Once the utility completes you may receive a message 'This program might not have installed correctly'. If so, click "This program installed correctly"
  12. Restart your computer then follow step 7 to 11 to run the remover utility once more
  13. PaperPort 8 will now be removed from your system


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