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Title: Configuring OneTouch 3.0 Scan Buttons
Article ID: VIS1100
Updated: 8/10/2006
Operating Systems: Windows XP / 2000 / Me / 98
Scanner Models: Visioneer Flatbed: 9320, 9220, 9120, 9020, 9000, 7100, 7300
  Visioneer Strobe: XP200, XP100
  Visioneer ADF: XP450, 9750, 8650
  Xerox: X4800, X2400, DM520, DM250
How do I configure my OneTouch 3.0 scanning buttons?
The solution steps listed below are specific to the OneTouch 3.0 scanner driver. If you do not know which version of the OneTouch driver you have installed click here then click on "Run" to run a utility that will tell you the currently installed driver version. If the utility returns that you have OneTouch 4.0 installed, please click VIS1199 - Configuring OneTouch Scan Buttons for OneTouch 4.0.
Configuring your OneTouch 3.0 scanning software:
  1. Right click on the scanner icon in the Windows Notification Area, then select the "Configure" option.


    Go to "Start" then choose "Programs"
    Find "ScanSoft PaperPort" then choose either "OneTouch Config" or "DocuMate Config" from the submenu.

  2. Select the tab that coincides with the button to be configured.
    If you see "No appropriate destination" then go to the preferences tab and click "show all destinations". You have to do this for each tab. Then click the Options button at the bottom of the "Select Destination:" list. You will be asked if you want to update the list because there are no options. Click "Yes"

    You can also configure the lamp to shut off and set the temp folder under the "General" tab. Changing the temp folder is important for installations on Windows XP and 2000 when using multiple accounts. If you do not change this you may have problems when trying to scan as a regular user since you will not have permissions to access the Documents and Settings folder for the Administrator. This is the default since you will need to install as the Administrator. The lamp off feature is available on OneTouch 3.0 and above. Older scanner models may not have a OneTouch 3.0 update available.

    Click "OK" when you are done to return to the main OneTouch screen.
    Note: The Visioneer 7300 and XP450 scanners and the Xerox DocuMate 250 scanner do not have a power save setting with the OneTouch 3.0 driver. The Visioneer XP450 and the Xerox DocuMate 250 scanners do have a newer driver to upgrade to OneTouch 4.0 which does have adjustable lamp power save settings.

  3. On the Left hand side there is a list of installed applications. Decide which of the applications listed will be opened when you press the OneTouch button on the scanner by clicking on it once. For example, Outlook Express may be a target for the email button, and Microsoft Fax may be the target for the FAX button.

  4. On the right side of the dialog box, select the settings for the scan, including color, resolution, and any other optional settings.
    You cannot edit the existing presets under Configurations. To create a new configuration click on New button under the list. You can also click on an existing configuration and click "copy" then make your modifications. When you create a new configuration you must type a name in the empty field (any name you like). Set the resolution and mode to your preference. You wont need to change brightness and contrast most of the time but take note where this is located if you need to change it later.

    Click on "Page Settings" to access AutoCrop and Descreen (if available with your model). Also select your page size here.

  5. Click on the "OK" button for all the screens and test the scanner by placing a picture or document on the glass and then pressing the button to test.
    Note: Each button on the scanner needs to be configured to the correct destination by performing above steps.


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