NetScan 2000 Installation

The Netscan 2000 is a simple hardware solution that allows you to effectively pipe USB over IP. This makes it ideal for hardware products that do not already have native support for sharing among multiple end users.


To implement a Netscan 2000, there are only two components to address.

  1. Device Server Setup: This wizard is used to prepare the Netscan 2000 for usage. For the easiest setup, plug it into the network near the workstation you’re running the Server Setup wizard on. You will need part of the MAC address that is printed on the bottom of the scanner in some cases.
  2. Application Installation: Sometimes also referred to as the SX Virtual Link, this is the Client needed to connect to the Server. This needs to be installed on all the machines that will connect to the Server. If you only have one Netscan 2000 at this location, or that this user will use, you may wish to configure a favorite at this time.

Using the Netscan 2000:

The scanner selection and connection step is simplified greatly by creating a favorite within the SX Virtual link menu. Right-click on the scanner and select "Add To Favorites". From the next screen, select the "Optional Settings" tab and check off the box to "Connect automatically when SX Virtual Link is started".

The process of initiating a scan depends on the hardware product, and the software that you are using. For best performance, use scanners that use OneTouch to handle the scanning. OneTouch allows the user to initiate the scan from a button physically on the scanner, so that the user does not have to return to their workstation between loading and the actual scan.

Known Problems:

Certain products have known hardware incompatibilities with the Netscan 2000. These hardware incompatibilities are in the process of being addressed. For the latest compatibility list please refer to our KnowledgeBase