Important Notes

Attention Microsoft Windows Vista users:

Attention Microsoft Windows XP users:

Attention Microsoft Windows 2000 users:

Q: What other installation screens am I seeing during the scanner driver installation?

A: In addition to the scanner driver and the OneTouch software being installed, you will also install the OneTouch 4.0 ScanSoft OmniPage OCR module and the Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS Technology module.

Click herefor more information on how the installation for these additional modules will proceed.

Q: Why does my scan result in a pure black (or pure white) image?

A: Your scanner has been improperly calibrated. To calibrate your scanner, right-click the OT icon and choose Show Hardware..., then click Properties, then click Calibrate. Follow the on-screen instructions with the calibration sheet that came with your scanner.

Q: I installed the New Soft Business Card software, how do I get it to show in the Destination list in OneTouch?

A: If you install an application and it does not show in the OneTouch Destinations list, simply open the OneTouch Properties and click on the Refresh button to refresh the destination list.

Q: Why does my scanner not function after performing a system restore on Windows XP or Windows Vista?

A: The system restore process may have corrupted some of the driver components. It is recommended that you reinstall your scanner driver. Please refer to the instructions in your scanner User's Guide Maintenance section for instructions on reinstalling your scanner driver.

Q: Why does't the scanner's Paper-In work after scanning with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)?

A: After performing a scan using the WIA interface you must close the application you were using before using the Paper-In scanning. This does not occur when scanning using the TWAIN interface.

Q: OneTouch 4.0 no longer functions after installing Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. How do I resolve this issue?

A: This is a known issue where OneTouch 4.0 stops responding when Internet Explorer 7 is installed after the scanner. To resolve the issue:

  1. Open the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature from the Control Panel.
  2. Find Windows Internet Explorer 7 and uninstall it using the change/remove options. Follow the wizard through a complete removal of the Internet Explorer 7 software.
  3. Find OneTouch 4.0 and uninstall it using the change/remove options. Follow the wizard through a complete removal of the OneTouch 4.0 program.
  4. Unplug your scanner's USB cable from the computer.
  5. Reboot your computer.
  6. Install Internet Explorer 7.
  7. Install your scanner driver.

Q: I am getting an error message that OCR fails every time I try to scan using the OCR features from OneTouch 4.0. What is the problem?

A: Anti-SpyWare software that is set to always run may interfere with the driver functionality. It is recommended that you temporarily disable or suspend the automatic protection feature during scanning. After scanning is complete and your file has been saved, turn the auto-protect feature back on. You do not need to close the Anti-SpyWare software.

Q: What recommendations do you have for using PaperPort?

A: PaperPort is a total document management software application. The PaperPort scanning features allows you to insert new pages into an existing file and name your file immediately after scanning. From within the PaperPort desktop you can sort your documents and move them between folders as you would through the Windows My Documents folder. You can reorder the pages in a PDF file, unstack a document so all the pages are resaved as individual files. PaperPort also has some basic image editing options in the PaperPort PageView, such as; adding notes to image files, modifying image colors, and touch up the image using the erase and/or auto-correct options.

Q: After rebooting my computer, the CD front end is automatically displayed, but when I try to install the scanner driver, I get an error message which reads,
This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to confirm that this is a valid Windows Installer package.
What do I do?

A: Exit out of the installer by pressing the "MAIN MENU" link, then the "EXIT" link. Eject the CD from your CD-ROM drive, then put it back in again; once the installer has restarted, proceed normally.

Visioneer scanners are sensitive electronic devices. Static electricity can damage the components inside the scanner if precautions are not taken. Do not touch the HOST terminal on the back of the scanner with your finger or any other object while the power is on.