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Visioneer Mobility Scanner Visioneer Mobility Scanner
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What is Mobility?
It is a 300 DPI color mobile simplex scanner that scans photos, documents, receipts, ID Cards, notes, etc., to JPG & PDF file format which are stored on an SD card or USB memory drive/stick.

Does Mobility require a computer?
No computer is needed in order to scan.

What about a TWAIN or other scanner driver?
No drivers are necessary at all.

Is Visioneer OneTouch supported?
No. OneTouch is a PC-based utility. Mobility does not use the computer in order to scan so Visioneer OneTouch is not used in the Mobility scanning process.

So with no driver, no computer, how does it scan?
A selector button on the front panel allows you to select three scan modes: Color JPG, B/W PDF, Color PDF. Simply insert the document/photo/card/etc. into the scanner and Visioneer AutoLaunch begins the scanning. Mobility creates a PDF or JPG file at the scanner and stores it on either the SD card or USB drive/stick that is inserted into the scanner. A 1GB SD card is included with the scanner.

Is Searchable PDF supported?
Not at the scanner. The PDF formats supported are image PDF. However we include Nuance OmniPage and PaperPort, so you can OCR scanned files (after scanning).

Is Mobility compatible with PCs and Macs?
It's basically compatible with any computer or device that can accept an SD card or USB stick.

How do I transfer scanned files from Mobility to my computer?
You can remove the USB memory drive/stick from Mobility and insert it into your computer to copy, move or delete your scanned files. If your computer has an SD slot, you can remove the SD card from Mobility and insert it into your computer. If you prefer, you can also use the cable that is included with the scanner to access the SD card or USB drive/stick that are inserted in your Mobility scanner.

Is it rechargeable?
Yes, the battery in the scanner lasts for 150 scans. The scanner can be recharged with the included USB cable which is then connected to any computer's USB port or powered USB hub. Actually any standard USB cable with a mini USB connector can be used.

Is AC recharging possible?
Yes, an AC adapter is included.

Is there a carry case?
Yes, a padded ballistic nylon case is included

How does it scan to smart phones?
First the phone must support media storage (usually a microSD card). Using the USB cable that came with the phone, plug the flat (spade) USB connector into the Mobility scanner. Now the phone's storage becomes the destination and Mobility scans your documents directly to the phone. The phone can then upload or email the file through its own services and/or apps.

What phones are compatible?
Any phone that supports media storage. Typically this includes Blackberry, Android and Windows smart phones.

What about iPhone?
iPhone does not support media storage and has no general folder structure to store files so at this time Mobility cannot scan directly to iPhone.

Is the iPad compatible?
Yes, photos scanned as JPGs onto an SD card or USB stick can be transferred to the iPhone using the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included).

How does Mobility scan photos for a digital photo frame?
Depending on the removable media that your digital photo frame supports (USB or SD), photos are scanned by Mobility as JPG files and then the SD or USB memory is simply inserted into the digital photo frame.

Is Mobility wireless?
Mobility has no built-in 3G or WiFi capabilities, but there is a way. Mobility is completely compatible with the Eye-Fi card (not included). Eye-Fi can be configured to transmit JPG files to your computer or on-line photo service or cloud service such as Evernote. Because Mobility stores all photos in a DCIM folder, Eye-Fi thinks it is inserted into a digital camera. So as photos or documents are scanned as JPG, Eye-Fi transmits the scanned files wirelessly to your PC or to the cloud. For more information go to

Is there any bundled software?
We've included some "bonus" software with Mobility to help the user manage their documents after they have been scanned. Nuance PaperPort, OmniPage, and Mobility PC Connect (a utility to access the scanner removable media from the computer).

This product is IN PRODUCTION.
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • This scanner does not use traditional software drivers and compatible with any computer or device that can accept an SD card or USB stick. You can transfer files via an SD memory card or USB drive/stick. You can also use USB cable to access the SD card or USB drive that are inserted in your Mobility scanner.
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