Visioneer PhotoPort TV100 Bundled Software

PhotoPort TV100PhotoPort TV100
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The Visioneer PhotoPort TV 100 gives you instant access to your digital pictures. There's no waiting for a computer to bootup, attaching cables from the camera to your PC, transferring pictures, searching through cryptic file names, or loading an image editing program!
Simply attach the PhotoPort to your TV's (Video-in) connector, insert the memory card from your camera into the slot, and create a photo album using the wireless keyboard. You can crop, resize and rotate your pictures, then add colorful backgrounds, borders and entertaining captions. When you are done, gather the family around the TV and share your memories in the comfort of your living room or record them to videotape to send to friends!
The PhotoPort TV 100 comes with a PhotoPort Viewer, Remote, and Wireless Keyboard. The keyboard has dedicated keys to easily create photo albums and personalize your pictures.
Use your digital camera to capture memories of friends and family, vacations, birthday parties, and special events. Easily attach the PhotoPort TV 100 to your TV and insert the memory card from your camera into the Viewer slot. Then start creating photo albums from the comfort of your family room.
Add colorful backgrounds, fun captions and decorative borders to your photos. Crop, rotate, and resize your pictures and place them into shapes such as stars and hearts.