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Patriot H60
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Note: You must uninstall your current driver to install an updated driver.

Downloads do not include bundled software.

Driver for Windows (required)

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10
TWAIN Certified
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, certified TWAIN, WIA and ISIS drivers
PTH60 DriverPLUS (TWAIN, WIA, ISIS) with Acuity Combo Installer
- Driver version:
- Acuity version: 5.1.1918.2121
- Multilingual (BREFIGSKCCT)
MultilingualPTH60_COMIS_5.1.116.12082.XX.exe67.8 MB


Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 OneTouch 4.x software for OneTouch and button scanning
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,8,10

Visioneer OneTouch is a utility that connects scanner buttons with pre-selected destinations (and/or applications) and allows you to scan into these destinations by simply pressing one button. Destinations can include your email, Word processor, printer or simply a file folder.

MultilingualOT4.4.6.COM.3218.4044.XX.exe241.1 MB

Please note: Support for Windows 2000 has ended with OneTouch 4.5


Windows User Guides

Windows Product Guides

Chinese (Simplified)PTH60_Guide.OT4.CN.pdf2.4 MB
GermanPTH60_Guide.OT4.DE.pdf2.3 MB
EnglishPTH60_Guide.OT4.EN.pdf2.2 MB
SpanishPTH60_Guide.OT4.ES.pdf2.3 MB
FrenchPTH60_Guide.OT4.FR.pdf2.3 MB
ItalianPTH60_Guide.OT4.IT.pdf2.3 MB
KoreanPTH60_Guide.OT4.KO.pdf2.3 MB
PortuguesePTH60_Guide.OT4.PT.pdf2.3 MB
RussianPTH60_Guide.OT4.RU.pdf2.3 MB
TurkishPTH60_Guide.OT4.TR.pdf2.2 MB
Chinese (Traditional)PTH60_Guide.OT4.TW.pdf2.4 MB

Windows OneTouch Guides

Chinese (Simplified)OTGuide.Win.CN.pdf2.3 MB
GermanOTGuide.Win.DE.pdf2.3 MB
EnglishOTGuide.Win.EN.pdf2.3 MB
SpanishOTGuide.Win.ES.pdf2.3 MB
FrenchOTGuide.Win.FR.pdf2.3 MB
ItalianOTGuide.Win.IT.pdf2.4 MB
KoreanOTGuide.Win.KO.pdf2.3 MB
PortugueseOTGuide.Win.PT.pdf2.4 MB
RussianOTGuide.Win.RU.pdf2.3 MB
TurkishOTGuide.Win.TR.pdf2.2 MB
Chinese (Traditional)OTGuide.Win.TW.pdf2.4 MB

Windows TWAIN Guides

Chinese (Simplified)TWAINGuide.Win.CN.pdf2.7 MB
GermanTWAINGuide.Win.DE.pdf1.7 MB
EnglishTWAINGuide.Win.EN.pdf2.4 MB
SpanishTWAINGuide.Win.ES.pdf1.9 MB
FrenchTWAINGuide.Win.FR.pdf2.6 MB
ItalianTWAINGuide.Win.IT.pdf1.9 MB
KoreanTWAINGuide.Win.KO.pdf2.7 MB
PortugueseTWAINGuide.Win.PT.pdf2.6 MB
RussianTWAINGuide.Win.RU.pdf2 MB
TurkishTWAINGuide.Win.TR.pdf1.6 MB
Chinese (Traditional)TWAINGuide.Win.TW.pdf2.7 MB

Power Save Guide

Technical Support Tips

  • It is important to properly remove any previous versions before installing a new driver. For instructions on updating your scanner driver, click here.