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Note: You must uninstall your current driver to install an updated driver.

Downloads do not include bundled software.

Driver for Windows (required)

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
TWAIN Certified
Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP (SP2) certified TWAIN and WIA drivers
EnglishRW120_4.6.12292.EN.msi8 MB


Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 OneTouch 4.x software for OneTouch and button scanning
MultilingualOT4.4.6.2315.9240.XX.msi38.1 MB
MultilingualOT4_OCR_Module_19.11.XX.exe206.9 MB

Please note: Support for Windows 2000 has ended with OneTouch 4.5


User Guide - OneTouch 4.0

EnglishRW120_Guide.OT4.EN.pdf3.1 MB
EnglishOTGuide.Win.EN.pdf2.5 MB

Important Notes to read before installing the scanner

EnglishRW120_installer_readme.070809.EN.htm1.6 KB
EnglishRW120_readme.071109.EN.htm9 KB
EnglishRW120_readme.071112.EN.htm9 KB

Power Save Guide

EnglishRW120_PowerSave.EN.pdf28.5 KB

Technical Support Tips