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Simply stated, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) looks at the scanned image and “recognizes” text. The software will process the text for the purpose of modifying it in text editing programs (e.g. MS-Word, MS-Excel, WordPerfect, etc…)

The Visioneer Business Card Reader Software recognizes the text on a business card and inserts the results into editable fields. The software recognizes the type of information being processed and inserts it into the most likely text field (e.g. Name, Telephone Number, Address, Company, etc…)

To optimize the OCR results, make sure the image of the business card is horizontal and readable left-to-right. Be aware that business cards which are colored, or have graphic images, are probably not going to be recognized accurately the first time. Don’t worry, the Visioneer Business Card Reader software allows selection of a specific area on the business card to re-process and insert into the selected field.

NewSoft's Presto! BizCard keeps track of names, companies, mailing addresses, phone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and more. Simply scan your business cards and Presto! BizCard automatically saves the data and image for each card. Different viewing modes are available for easy searching, editing, creating, and sorting. You can share information with desktop organizers, contact managers, personal information managers (PIMs), and personal digital assistants (PDAs). You can also print ID badges, mailing labels, and stickers.