Visioneer Business Card Reader Software

Business Card Reader Software
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Visioneer Business Card Reader

software is a user-friendly electronic organizer which helps keep track of information from business cards. The software automatically saves and organizes data with a simple scan of a business card. It is able to organize contact information to meet a variety of business and personal needs.
The Visioneer Business Card Reader Software includes the following features:
  • Scan and recognize English Language business cards
  • Scan both sides of a business card
  • Retrieve and browse business card information easily
  • Click and Post business card information from the card image to the designated field
  • Find any contact using QuickSearch
  • Sort business card information by any field or creation time
  • Add additional information in the memo field
  • Categorize business cards
  • Print business cards as an address book or print card images
  • Import and Export an address book between the Business Card Reader Software and Outlook/Outlook Express
  • Export a contact list to a DBaseIII or CSV file format which can then be imported into applications such as ACT!, Goldmine, and MS-Excel
  • Directly email contacts from the Business Card Software with vCard and/or business card image attached