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Digitize Cards Quickly and Easily!
Combined with NewSoft's Presto! BizCard software embedded with NewSoft's award-winning "OCR Optical Character Recognition Engine" and color detection technology, printed characters are accurately recognized regardless of card font or color use in seconds. In addition, Presto! BizCard recognizes up to seven languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
Search and Manage Contacts Presto!
Presto! BizCard provides 4 viewing modes for searching, editing and managing the scanned contacts.

Users can categorize the contacts in up to 32 categories and search those contacts by first name, last name, company information, or by any other data column.

The contacts can be sorted alphabetically, edited and additional business or personal information can be added beyond what had been printed on the cards for even greater application flexibility. Card management that is so easy you'll never worry about finding the right contact again!
Say Good-Bye to the Card Rolodex
Keep your contacts on hand digitally for fast, easy access... anytime! Click and transfer the selected data to your PDA. Export new data, or synchronize updated data to portable devices, any PIM "Personal Information Management" system, or to popular software such as Outlook and Outlook Express. Presto! BizCard saves time and eliminates duplicated information often caused by syncing regularly used data. Presto! BizCard keeps your database up to date with the most accurate information on hand. It's your best companion for business.
Print Professional-Looking Labels
Precisely customize label templates with information taken directly from the contact data to print professional-looking mailing labels, name badges, stickers, and more. In addition, you can easily share files stored in .csv file and vCard file formats.
What's New in Version 5
  • A new, more user-friendly interface with a more professional look and feel.
  • Supports double-side business card scanning.
  • More detailed field recognition (first name and last name, etc.) for easier data management.
  • Improved recognition accuracy.
  • "Background Processing" scan technology allows users to continue scanning without data processing interruption.
  • Faster, smarter data synchronization with PIM and PDA devices
  • Categorize up to 32 groups
  • Supports seven languages including cards printed in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch
  • Supports multiple databases and data sharing