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PaperPort 8 and Below
PaperPort 9 and Above
PaperPort Upgrade Notes
Before you install a PaperPort upgrade version, make sure your scanner is working correctly with the PaperPort software that was provided with the scanner. If issues arise, remove the upgraded PaperPort version and install the software provided with the scanner. This is a necessary troubleshooting step to determine if any issues are occurring due to hardware incompatibility.
Follow these steps to upgrade your version of PaperPort:
  1. Uninstall any current version of PaperPort
  2. Reboot (restart) the computer
  3. Install the upgrade PaperPort version
  4. For instructions on ReInstalling Your Scanner Driver, choose your Operating System below:
  5. Open the upgraded version of PaperPort and run the Scanner Setup Wizard
If you have any questions on setup or use, please contact Nuance (formerly ScanSoft).
Nuance maintains a partial PaperPort Hardware Compatibility list.
For information regarding Visioneer Strobe Pro and PaperPort upgrades, please see Nuance's TechNote 5016.