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Complete Batch Scanning, Image Manipulation, and Multipage Support

QuickScan Pro is EMC Captiva’s out-of-the-box document scanner software and imaging solution that provides all the necessary capabilities for high-speed scanning, image enhancement, OCR, viewing, annotation, printing, and storing images for both black-and-white and color pages. QuickScan Pro supports barcode and patchcode recognition for automatic document separation as well as advanced document scanner features such as MultiStream and Auto color detection.

QuickScan Pro is a standalone software product which can also be easily integrated into document management systems, serving as a “scan module,” which feeds scanned, enhanced images into the system.


QuickScan Pro’s scanning, indexing, view and display functions allow users to streamline the batch scanning process. In addition to supporting standard binary and color-capable scanners, QSP also supports advanced document scanning features including MultiStream and Automatic Color Detection. QSP’s optical character recognition (OCR) converts paper and electronic documents into usable text documents such as .PDF text, XML, Word and Web confi gurable ASCII, HTML and other text file formats. Zonal OCR captures data on pre-confi gured zones of an image—like invoice or sales receipt numbers. To help automate the data capture process, using barcode detection to capture 1D and 2D barcode data, QSP can automatically populate index fi elds, separate batches without the need for separator sheets and auto-name documents. Scanned document images can be displayed and manipulated with features like fast scaling (zoom in and out), rotation and scale-to-gray.

File Rename Based on Barcode
Rename files based on a barcode from the scanned image. Categorize documents automatically by filename during scan time. Service Pack 1 allows users to delete the barcode page that was used to rename the file.

The QuickScan indexer allows users to link information to each image. The search and retrieval process is made more reliable by keying in valuable data that identifies each document. Users can increase the accuracy of the data by automatically populating fields using barcode detection.

General Indexer
QuickScan Pro includes a built-in indexer called the Generic Indexer. If you do not already have an indexer loaded, you can use the Generic Indexer to create indexer profiles. Configuring an indexer profile using the Generic Indexer includes specifying the number of indexing fields, the type of data that can be entered in an indexing field, and defining zones on a sample image that highlight the data that you want an operator to enter.

Batch Files (QSB)
The QSB format allows users to save index and batch information for multi-document batches. Users can index, move, delete, and append, then save all the information in a QSB file. They can reopen the batch and resume their process or export to a back-end repository.

QuickScan Pro now allows you to export index data and batch file information. QuickScan's Exporter Configuration dialog allows you to define how you want to export index and batch file information.

Generic Exporter
QuickScan Pro's generic exporter allows users to export to an XML or Comma Separated Value(CSV) File. Export into any back-end that supports comma separated data or XML. Pixel Translations is currently also working on creating API-API exporters for different back-end systems.

Automatic Crop(Color Images)
Automatically crop white space and pad with white space on color or black and white images.

90 Degree Color Rotate
Rotate your color or binary images clockwise, counter clockwise, and 180 degrees.

Color Detection Filter
Assesses whether the processed image contains colors.

Improved Barcode Recognition
Better all around recognition and new barcode types, including: Airline 2 of 5, BCD Matrix, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 32, Invert 2 of 5 and Datalogic 2 of 5 New Optional PDF 417 Barcode recognition.

Import Driver
Automatically import all supported image file formats from any location.

Demo Driver
Use the Scan Demo driver to test and demonstrate the features of QuickScan Pro without a scanner attached (allows users to retrieve images from the hard drive as if they were being scanned).

Updated JPEG in TIFF Support
QuickScan Pro now supports the ability to read and write TIFF JPEG images using TIFF Compression 7.