Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility

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Microsoft Logo Tier for Devices:

Premium Logo for premium experiences

In addition to passing Microsoft standards of compatibility, reliability, and security, products with these logos take advantage of Windows Vista features and provide the richest PC experience possible.

Certified for Windows Vista

Basic Logo for basic experiences

Products with these logos have been tested to pass Microsoft standards of compatibility, reliability, and security and will work with all PCs running Windows 8, 7, and Vista.

  Works with Windows Vista
The only way for vendors to ensure a listing on the Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility List is to get their products Logo'd by the Windows Quality Services team. This list is part of the "Devices Just Work" effort at Microsoft to ensure that your hardware experience with Windows Vista is excellent.
Beta Driver for Windows Vista

  • This is an unsupported BETA driver.
  • There is no technical support for this driver.
  • We recommend that only experienced users install this driver.
  • Do not install this driver for critical tasks.
  • This driver is for installation with official release versions of Windows Vista only.
BETA Driver for Windows Vista