Visioneer Tools and Utilities for Windows 98 and Me

Filename Size Date
IDCheck.exe 47 KB 11-27-06
Tool for identifying all of the detected Visioneer scanners connected to your system.
PPCleaner.exe 28.5 KB 11-28-06
PPCleaner will clean all the thumbnails and other metadata that PaperPort has stored on the disk drive.  It will not remove existing documents, just indexing and presentation information. Designed for PaperPort versions 8 to 11.
9xScannerSW_Uninstall.exe 242 KB 10-31-05
Windows 98 and Windows Me software uninstall.
Click VIS1009 - Performing a Quick Uninstall Windows 98 or Me.
Print and follow the directions for using this utility to remove PaperPort and the scanner driver.
viewer.exe 2.64 MB 01-21-03
Scansoft PaperPort Viewer for *.MAX file types.
Vizregclean.exe 159 KB 11-01-03
Visioneer registry cleaning utility removes Visioneer OneTouch and registry entries. Also removes PaperPort registry entries for issues such as 1713. Use this only for uninstall failures for PaperPort versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
vizclean.exe 24 KB 01-21-00
Registry entry removal tool for Windows 98 or Windows Me for PaperPort versions up to 6.5.

User Guides are provided by clicking the Drivers and Manuals link on each product's homepage.

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