Visioneer Tools and Utilities for Windows 7 and Vista

Filename Size Date
Application Compatibility Mode Check Tool 116 KB 02-22-07
This tool checks to see if any programs are registered to run in "Compatibility Mode". For instructions, use this KB article: VIS1030 - Compatibility Mode Check Tool
HiddenDevices.exe 28 KB 09-23-05
Tool used to show hidden and disconnected devices in the Device Manager. After the Device Manager opens, from the View menu, select "Show hidden devices".
calibration_fix.exe 948 KB 04-24-07
Automatically sets permissions for and creates new calibration files for Strobe sheetfed scanners.
OTManualRemover.exe 96 KB 02-01-10
Manually removes OneTouch and the scanner driver if the standard uninstallation fails. Requires .NET framework 2.0.
PermissionTestOT.exe 44 KB 04-29-08
Checks your system for registry permissions issues that may keep OneTouch from running correctly. Note that this utility only reports on problems, you will still need to fix any permissions issues that were found.
For more information click VIS1553 - Checking For Permission Problems With OneTouch 4.0
TS_Audit.exe 1 MB 04-29-08
This utility collects a range of information from your system then packages it in a zip file which can be emailed to support.
IDCheck.exe 47 KB 11-27-06
Tool for identifying all of the detected Visioneer scanners connected to your system.
INFclear.exe 116 KB 03-30-07
This tool is designed to clear the remaining driver information to aid in updating the OneTouch drivers when installed on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
PPCleaner.exe 28.5 KB 11-28-06
PPCleaner will clean all the thumbnails and other metadata that PaperPort has stored on the disk drive.  It will not remove existing documents, just indexing and presentation information. Designed for PaperPort versions 8 to 11.
Temp_File_Remover_V.exe 100 KB 02-20-07
Temporary file cleanup tool for Windows Vista.
TWAIN_Reset.exe 46 KB 09-14-06
This utility will reset Windows last known TWAIN source. When prompted, click on �Run�.
Click VIS1049 - Problem Communicating with TWAIN Device for more troubleshooting options.
Version-Check.exe 100 KB 02-23-07
When you run the Version Check utility, a window will open verifying that you have either OneTouch 3.0 or OneTouch 4.0 installed.

User Guides are provided by clicking the Drivers and Manuals link on each product's homepage.

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