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Visioneer OneTouch SDK
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The Visioneer OneTouch® Links Software Development Kit (SDK) Wizard enables you to add even more power to Visioneers already powerful OneTouch workflow solution. With this easy to use toolkit, you will be able to add destinations to the OneTouch ease of use scanning model. Links created with the OneTouch Links SDK provide scan-to destinations such as applications (client or server application), devices (such as printer or fax servers) or locations (network or local folders) create your own customized workflow components and integrate them into the OneTouch control panel quickly and with minimal effort.

Customers and developers can now independently add support for applications that are most important to them without dependence on other companies or trying to fit into other organizations priorities.

How Does it Work?
The SDK is a wizard-based development process that is as simple as working with a template to implement the desired functionality. The created links are able to access the full functionality of OneTouch, include VRS, preset scan configurations and file format flexibility. “OneTouch 4.0 links are Windows COM objects, so the developer wishing to create OneTouch links should be familiar with them. Most of the error prone work will be done for you by the link wizard, so it should be a simple matter of working within the created template to implement the functionality you desire.”

Who will use it?
ISV, System Integrators, Solution Providers, enterprise application developers. Even proprietary applications can take advantage of standardized scanning practices by developing links that deliver scanneddocuments directly to their applications or workflows. Partners who wish to develop OneTouch 4.0 links.

What are the primary applications?
Primary application is providing a specific destination for the OneTouch scanning process. OneTouch scanning can now be the “digital on-ramp” to deliver scanned documents to applications that otherwise might not have easy scanning access. A robust, widely accepted scanning process has now opened up configurable destinations. Primary applications are any application that can benefit from the ability to have OneTouch scan a document directly into the application.