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Visioneer OneTouch SDK
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How does the product differ from its predecessors and /or competitors?
Prior to this, OneTouch source code was necessary to develop additional links. By developing an SDK, the links development code was properly modularized and documented so that reasonably skilled programmers could develop their own specific links.

Does it represent a refinement of an existing technology?
This represents a move to expand the use of Visioneer OneTouch beyond its current horizon. It represents existing internal technology that is being exposed and offered outside of Visioneer for the first time.

How will it affect the market?
By creating a path whereby third parties can add support for their products to OneTouch, it will increase the number of potential vertical markets we can penetrate.

What is the markets size?
The market reach for this SDK is the varied verticals that require document scanning as well as specialized applications.

What are the trends?
From a technical perspective, the trends in many sectors are to provide ways and means by which a product can be integrated with other products. The OneTouch product has been limited to being used with applications that it explicitly supports. By allowing third parties the ability to add support for unanticipated applications, OneTouch is more flexible and better able to be used as a solution without a lengthy redesign or product cycle.