Visioneer OneTouch Links SDK - Specifications and Benefits

Visioneer OneTouch SDK
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  1. Supports Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005
    • no need to adopt specific development tools
    • compatible with OneTouch well into the future
    • leverages the power of Visual Studio

  2. Uses Wizard style dialog to create start project
    • familiar user interface for developers
    • prevents mistakes and errors by simplifying choices
    • quick and easy to generate multiple links

  3. Creates any of the standard OneTouch link types
    • support image, text, PDF, Email, Storage, Fax type links if chosen
    • support BMP, TIFF, JPG, PDF, XLS, HTML, DOC, TXT if chosen

  4. Generates working example code
    • generate a link using the wizard and build the link right away
    • automatically registers the link so OneTouch can use it immediately

  5. Comes with working example link
    • see how the generated code is filled in and modified to produce a useful link
    • compare your link with the example to isolate problems

  6. Comes with a full tutorial on creating a link
    • see how the generated code is turned into a real link step by step

  7. Includes a specification for the OneTouch link class
    • see every available option that can be used with a link
    • comprehensive and authoritative specification