Instructional Videos

Visioneer is proud to share our instructional Videos for using your scanner.

For best results, please right click on a video and choose "Save Target As" to download the video to your hard drive.


Title Duration Size
Welcome to Visioneer [wmv] 0:00:40 2.67 Mb
Welcome to [wmv] 0:00:39 2.71 Mb
Introduction to the Strobe XP200 [wmv] 0:01:23 5.89 Mb
Introduction to PaperPort [wmv] 0:01:25 6.03 Mb
Configuring Buttons on Visioneer Flatbed Scanners [wmv] 0:03:45 17.3 Mb
Configuring OneTouch 4 Buttons [wmv] 0:04:14 19.0 Mb
Scanning Slides and Negatives [wmv] 0:04:44 22.4 Mb
Creating and Using Searchable PDF's [wmv] 0:01:55 8.51 Mb
Installing OmniPage Pro 12 [wmv] 0:02:00 8.74 Mb
Upgrading USB Scanner Drivers [wmv] 0:04:08 19.1 Mb
Upgrading Scanner Drivers Using OneTouch 4 [wmv] 0:02:43 12.3 Mb