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PaperPort Strobe Drivers and Manuals
Filename OS Language Description Size
Windows XP / 2000 / Me / 98SE - OneTouch 3.0
StrobePro.303110.exe Designed for Microsoft Windows XP English Microsoft Windows XP certified
Windows Me / 98 - Serial/Parallel/USB
Windows XP with SP 1/ 2000 -
Driver download does not include bundled software.
1.38 MB
Designed for Microsoft Windows XP English TWAIN Patch
Requires working instance of driver above prior to applying patch
270 KB
PaperPort Strobe for Macintosh
English PaperPort Strobe Mac SCSI
OS up to 9.2
302 KB
English PaperPort Strobe Mac Serial
OS up to 9.2
163 KB
PaperPort Strobe Installation Guides
PDF PPStrobeWin.pdf English PaperPort Strobe for Windows
Installation Guide
1.04 MB
PDF PPMacStrobe.pdf English PaperPort Strobe for Macintosh
Installation Guide
876 KB
Technical Support Tip: It is important to properly remove any previous versions before installing this driver.

The Windows XP driver for this product has been designed to work with Windows XP Service Pack 1. Due to the increased security features in Service Pack 2, this driver may not work on systems with Service Pack 2 installed.
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