Adobe Photoshop LE

Adobe PhotoShop LE
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Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE

is a software program which as an art production tool allows you to do photo retouching, image editing, and color painting. You can create original or composite artwork, collages, or photo montages. It can be used in animation to colorize images and produce audiovisual materials quickly and create new artwork using the latest media and tools.
Although this edition does not include all of the features of the full version, the following limited set of features are included:
  • Channels
  • Layer effects and advanced layer features
  • Actions palette for automating tasks
  • Color separations, CMYK editing, spot color, and color management capabilities
  • Paths
  • Additional color modes
  • Guides and grids
  • Additional filters
  • Advanced selection capabilities
  • Advanced editing capabilities including multiple undoes, tracking and listing recent changes to an image, and 3-D transformations
  • Type layers with re-editable text
  • Assistants that simplify multi-step operations such as exporting transparent images, resizing images, and creating contact sheets
  • Expanded scratch space support
  • Support for importing PDF files
  • Printing to PostScript 3 printers