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As Microsoft continues to release new versions of it's Windows Operating System, the requirements for peripherals and software change. Visioneer scanners are designed to leverage the tools and features included with the operating systems that are current when products are released. When feasible, we develop scanner drivers for new versions of Windows. In spite of our best efforts, major changes in the underlying architecture of Windows operating systems make it impossible to write new drivers for many of our older model scanners.

Visioneer posts the last release of drivers on each Product's Homepage and provides online support for older products. Scanners designed to work with older versions of Windows may not function properly after upgrading your computer's operating system.

We offer an industry leading upgrade program, giving a significant discount from our online scanner store for customers that return their old unit to ensure proper disposal as part of our environmental recycling program. For details visit Visioneer's Promotions and Rebates.