States With Technology Manufacturer Recycling Legislation

Local Visioneer Scanner Return, Reuse and Recycle Options
The following U.S. locations have state-specific requirements for electronic waste management offered by technology manufacturers. If you live in one of these locales, learn more below about overall electronics recycling equipment types and who is covered, local government laws and regulations, and local options to return your Visioneer scanner.

District of Columbia

Effective on January 1, 2017, the Sustainable Solid Waste Management Act of 2014 requires manufacturers of covered electronic equipment to collect and recycle electronic waste generated in the District of Columbia.


Illinois passed 2017’s Consumer Electronics Recycling Act to upgrade existing Illinois’ electronics recycling standards. Under CERA, manufacturers are required to offer free recycling to residential consumers in Illinois. 

  • To learn about technology that can be locally returned in Illinois, click here.
  • Information about Illinois’ electronic recycling act is available on the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website.
  • To request a local Visioneer-branded office scanner recycling return under these regulations, click here.

New York

New York’s Electronic Equipment Recycling Reuse Act requires manufacturers to operate free recycling programs for a range of electronic equipment, including scanners under 100 pounds, for households, selected businesses, non-profits and government entities.

North Carolina

North Carolina has a Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management statute (effective July 1, 2011), establishing an electronics recycling program requiring manufacturers to offer free collection and recycling of computer equipment purchased for personal or home business use or non-profits with fewer than 10 full-time employees.


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