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Let's face it: device drivers can be a headache. Hard to find, difficult to use, full of technical jargon... For scanner users, the result is often poor-quality scanned documents, frustration and disappointment. The need for advanced scanner drivers that can offer precise control and comprehensive application integration, while still being easy to use, has been met with Visioneer® DriverPLUS, the progressive TWAIN and WIA driver technology that goes far beyond industry standards, delivering a great experience for users, system integrators and administrators. Visioneer DriverPLUS provides an impressive array of settings to enable precise customization of scans, all in an easy-to-use Windows® user interface. Powerful, fully programmatic access and flexible administrative deployment options make it perfect for system integrators.


Features & Benefits

Powered by TWAIN & WIA driver technology

Precise control and application integration

Flexible administrative deployment

Accessible Windows® user interface

Adaptable API for third-party developers

Visioneer Acuity image processing plug-in

Supports Parallel Scanning functionality


How It Works

Accessible document & image customization

With its easy-to-use driver interface, Visioneer DriverPLUS users have precise control over critical document capture settings. From basic image and document preferences to more advanced customization, including compression, barcode detection and image quality options, Visioneer DriverPLUS provides a great user experience.

Feature-rich driver options

Administrators will appreciate the ability to define the driver's behavior for custom workflows and modify features like the graphical user interface (GUI), configuring the automatic document feeder (ADF), setting global defaults and other advanced options. Users will benefit from features such as scan profile presets and usage tracking.

Best-in-class drivers

Visioneer has a long history with TWAIN, supporting the TWAIN Working Group and the development of TWAIN and TWAIN Direct standards. Our advanced programmatic interface (API) gives third-party software developers direct control of the scanner through our TWAIN layer, without needing to use the GUI.

In addition to TWAIN 2X-certified drivers, a Windows® Image Acquisition (WIA) driver is part of Visioneer DriverPLUS. Our accessible user interface and Visioneer Acuity image processing deliver feature-deep WIA functionality.


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