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Paper documents aren’t perfect. They have blemishes, poor image quality, notes, creases, holes and folds. But digital scans need to be crystal-clear and converted into usable data, forcing users to tweak scan settings for different types of pages. No more.

Visioneer’s Acuity image enhancement software automatically improves the visual clarity of every scan. Our advanced algorithms and dynamic thresholding technologies intelligently optimize every scan to capture the sharpest images of your documents.

And Acuity’s proprietary PC Optimization assures full-speed scanning so your scanner doesn’t pause to catch up. Acuity includes more than 25 image processing features, from automatic rotation and cropping to color dropout and de-speckle, many in hardware via OnBoard Acuity. It’s integrated with all Visioneer software.

Features & Benefits

Automatic image enhancement software
Full-speed scanning with proprietary PC optimization
Includes 25+ image processing features
OnBoard Acuity runs in scanner hardware
Access Acuity settings within Visioneer software
Built for OCR applications


Page Correction & Image Adjustment

Scanned pages come in all sizes and orientations. Visioneer Acuity features seven (7) algorithms to straighten up incoming pages, from automatic cropping and de-skew to rotation and blank page removal. Acuity also cleans up scans using its 10 image adjustment features, including inversion, background management and moiré reduction. It’ll even flip back-pages and merge 2 sides into one page.

Advanced Color & Optical Character Recognition
Documents with solid color backgrounds can result in a blacked-out scan. Visioneer Acuity’s advanced color recognition removes colored backgrounds, with multiple color selections. And when it comes to data retrieval, Optical character recognition (OCR) is vital to unlocking the information in a page for delivery to digital workplace platforms. Clear, precise scans are mandatory. Visioneer Acuity is built for OCR applications.

Integration & PC Optimization
Visioneer Acuity is plugged right into Visioneer software. Access and adjust Visioneer Acuity settings within the user interfaces of Visioneer DriverPLUS [Link to new DriverPLUS page], Visioneer OneTouch [Link to new OneTouch page] and Visioneer Capture SE [Link to new OneTouch page] software. And in order to keep PCs running fast and efficiently, OnBoard Acuity runs many common algorithms in the scanner hardware, sharing the workload and keeping things moving.

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